The Development of Authenticated Canadian Gambling Websites

In recent years, the market for legitimate online casinos in Canada has grown substantially. The total annual revenue for the business is estimated at $31 billion, with another $14 billion going into supporting services.

Online casinos have become increasingly popular as gambling technology has advanced, prompting regulators to adapt the law to accommodate the burgeoning industry.


Canadian Regulation of Online Gambling

The only kind of gambling that is still illegal in Canada is online gambling. No permits will be issued by the government, and it is against the law to run a casino via the Internet. Nonetheless, this in no way precludes Canadian residents from accessing and playing their favorite online casino games.


Under the existing framework of legislation, Canadians are permitted to participate in online casino gambling. Despite this, players can still access their favorite games from offshore sites, many of which are based in countries like Curacao, Malta, and the United Kingdom because no licenses are granted within the country.


But there is one part of Canada with actual sovereignty, so they can run their popular online casinos there. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission started operating in 1996. All gambling and licensing in Mohawk Territory falls under the purview of this regulatory authority. Since its inception, Kahnawake has become the de facto home to the vast bulk of offshore gambling server infrastructure. Approximately 250 internet gambling establishments have been granted licenses by the authority thus far.


The Development of Online Gaming

Despite the popularity of iGaming across the country, Ontario appears to be where most Canadians go to indulge in the hobby. Sportsbooks, lotteries, and virtual casinos are all readily available from any location in the province. The Canadian provinces of Quebec and British Columbia are also close behind.


If the numbers are to be believed, Canadians have access to more than a hundred different legal online casino sites. These sites have extremely stringent standards for the games they host. They are quick to load, have enormous jackpots, and are powered by the greatest online casino Canada supports.


New rules and legislations are adjusting to become more welcoming to players, online casinos, and their content producers, suggesting that Canadian iGaming is likely to continue developing and evolving.

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